Readers Responses

"The greatest university of all is a collection of books."
-Thomas Carlyle


Thank you to N.Maguire at the Ferryway for these resources.

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Resources for Open Response Questions

Below are a collection of open response questions for grades 3-5 from all previous MCAS. Review the language of the questions when constructing your own open response questions. * Grade 3 Open Response Questions fom Previous MCAS.pdf

MCAS uses the following general rubric for scoring MCAS open response questions.

Rubrics and Sample Responses

How am I Doing on Written Response.pdf (A student self-reflection sheet to use with students to self-evaluate their reader's responses.)
Strategies for Brief Open Response Questions.pdf
Student Friendly Checklist Grades 1-5 for Reader's Responses.pdf (Scroll down to find rubrics for your grades. Grades 3-5 have the same rubric.)
Open Response Student Friendly Rubric Version 1.pdf
Open Response Student Friendy Rubric Version 2.pdf

Lessons for Unit on Open Response (Grades 3-5)

For a Center

  • Literature Response Questions.pdf (Place the cards in a can or bag. Children pull out the card and write a response or discuss the answer with a partner and then write a response.)


(Note about Bookmarks: Think about having students make their own bookmarks. They will likely take more ownership of them and use them.)