Third Grade
Welcome third grade teachers. Enjoy the resources below. Join us in the sharing of resources and new ideas.

Resources for Reader's Responses

Resources for Centers

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new.jpgResources for Reader's Response

Resources for Each Unit

Unit 1
Grade 3 Unit 1 Open Response Questions.pdf (Thank you to Bay State Readers for this resource of questions.)
Answer Frames
Use the answer frames to model a good response and with your struggling readers and ELLs. The answer frame is temporary. Tell students: Today you may use the answer fram, and you may also use it tomorrow. But, by _, I expect you to be able to write an answer to this question all by yourself on a blank piece of paper.
How to Use the Answer Frames.pdf (Please read before using the answer frames below.)
Grade 3 Unit 1 Realism or Fantasy.pdf
Grade 3 Unit 1 Sequence.pdf
Unit 1 Story 3: Use Answer Frame for Sequence
Unit 1 Story 4: Use Answer Frame for Realism or Fantasy
Grade 3 Unit 1 Story 5 Setting.pdf
Grade 3 Unit 1 Story 5 Characters.pdf
Grade 3 Unit 1 Story 5 Story Structure.pdf
Unit 2
Grade 3 Unit 2 Open Response Questions.pdf
Unit 3
Grade 3 Unit 3 Open Response Questions.pdf
Unit 4
Open Response Questions Grade 3 Unit 4.pdf (This set developed and shared by Bay State Readers for this resource.)
Unit 5
Grade 3 Unit 5 Open Response Questions.pdf (Orginal by Bay State and then modified by Malden.)
Unit 6
Grade 3 Open Response Questions Unit 6.doc