Question Answer Relationships (QAR)

QAR is a strategy where students examine the type of question and consider where they need to find the answer. There are two main places where answers are found, either in the text or in your head.

There are two further subdivisions for questions in the text. First, the answers can be right there in the text. Right there questions will usually be found in one location in the text usually within the same sentence. Second, some questions can require the reader to think and search. Think and search questions ask the reader to look for the answer in multiple places in the text.

There are two further subdivisions for questions in your head. Author and me questions require that the reader use the text and what they know and put both togehter to forumlate the answer. On my own questions can be answered without reading the text.

Articles about QAR

Article Explaining QAR.pdf
QAR Strategy Explanation and Examples.pdf

Posters for QAR

Graphic for Four QARs
QAR and Detailed Strategy Posters
QAR Strategy Poster

Super QAR

All of the schools for grades 2-5 have a resource kit for the teaching of QAR. In the kit are a series of lesson plans that support teaching the students the strategy. Below are some resources created to support the implementation of these lessons.


A note about bookmarks...Consider giving kids some tagboard and having them make their own bookmarks. Students will take more ownership of the bookmarks and it will also help them internalize the strategies. Use the bookmarks as a starting point or samples for students.
Grade 2 Bookmark.pdf
Grade 3 BookMarks.pdf
Grade 4 Bookmark.pdf
Grade 5 Bookmark.pdf


Another note about posters...Consider making the posters with your students. Students will take more ownership if they participate in creating a class anchor chart versus having a chart already made for them. Have students create charts for each of the question types. Have a contest to see who has the best posters.
Grade 2 Poster.pdf
grade 3 Poster.pdf
Grade 4 Poster.pdf
Grade 5 Poster.pdf

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