The Great Poetry Race

I found this idea in the April 2009 issue of Reading Teacher. Students take a poem home for a week or over the weekend. They read the poem several times and have another adult sign that they have read the poem. The adult can also comment on their reading. The idea allows for repeated readings of a text thus building fluency. Students also will find it so motivating to get to the end of the race. It is also a great way to involve families in the repeated reading of text.

Look for more poems in the next couple of weeks.
Sun and Moon.pdf
Grade 1
The Last Leaf.pdf
My Pockets.pdf
High Five.pdf
Grade 2
Every Swing Is Being Used.pdf
My Teacher Ate My Homework.pdf
You Can Argue with a Tennis Ball.pdf
My Kitten Won't Stop Talking.pdf
A Bridge to the Moon.pdf
It Can't Be Time to Take a Bath.pdf
My Parents Are Pretending.pdf
My Secret List for Halloween.pdf
Street Pizza.pdf
Grade 3
Heavy Reading.doc
Welcome Back to School.pdf
Afterschool snack.pdf
Fishing With Jordan.pdf
I Love Summer-Except.pdf
Spring Will Be Pretty.pdf
Swimming Lessons Poem.pdf
Mr. Backward.pdf
Grade 4
My Brother Built a Robot.pdf
The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven.pdf
If You Make Me Go to Bed No1.pdf
Grade 5
Another Note from Mom.pdf
Relay Race.pdf