"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places that you'll go."
-Dr. Suess, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

Home Reading Logs

Home Reading Log.pdf

Partner Reading

Partner Reading Anchor Chart.pdf

Fluency Charting

Struggling readers will find it very motivating to chart their words read per miniute (WPM) on these charts when doing a repeated reading of the same text. If you need texts for students to repeatedly read, see your buildings literacy coach. We have lots of texts that can be used for this purpose. You might also use the Fresh Reads for this purpose too.
Fluency Charting Beginning Readers.pdf
Fluency Charting for Beginning Readers Portrait.pdf
Fluency Charting.pdf
Fluency Charting Portrait.pdf

High Frequency Words Phrases

There are many different lists of the high frequency words, i.e. Dolch, Fry, and Rasinski's. Below are phrases that use high frequency words based upon these particular lists. Copy the phrases on tagboard, cut them apart, laminateif possible, and place in a fluency center. Students can partner read them, time themselves to see how many they can read in a minute and chart themselves, or practice reading them aloud.

Grade 1 Fry Phrases Large Print.pdf
Grade 1 Fry Phrases Small Print.pdf
Grade 2 Fry Phrases Large Print.pdf
Grade 2 Fry Phrases Small Print.pdf
Grade 3 Fry Phrases Large Print.pdf
Grade 3 Fry Phrases Small Print.pdf

Rasinski's 1st 100 words.pdf
Rasinski's 2nd 100 words.pdf
Rasinski's 3rd 100 words.pdf

Ideas for the Word Wall

word wall games.pdf (Place these set of ideasnext to your wall wall. When there is a couple of minutes in between transitions, play one of these games.)
word wall chants.pdf (Chant new words for the word wall. Place the chart next to your word wall to always have a new idea.)