Fifth Grade
Welcome fifth grade teachers. Enjoy the resources below. Join us in the sharing of resources and new ideas.

Resources for Reader's Responses

Wikki-Teacher (This is Wikipedia for teachers. You do have to register for this site. The videos are wonderful on this site. The unwrapped standards for each grade level give a sense of what students should accomplish by grade along with assessments and student friendly language.)

A Site for MCAS Practice (Thank you to P. Zelaya for this resource)
Lesson Planning Tools
School Year

District Planning Tools

Other Planning Tools
Resources for Reader's Responses
Resources for Each Unit
Unit 1
Grade 5 Unit 1 Open Response Questions.pdf
Unit 2
Grade 5 Unit 2 Open Response Questions.pdf
Unit 3
Grade 5 Unit 3 wks 1 2 3.pdf
Grade 5 Unit 3 week 4-5.pdf
Unit 4
Unit 4 Grade 5 Open Response Questions.pdf
Grade 5 Unit 4 Target Posters.pdf
Unit 5
Grade 5 Unit 5 Open Response Questions.pdf
Unit 6
Grade 5 Unit 6 Open Response.doc